Getting Around Batanes

Batanes is the smallest province in the Philippines and located at the northern most part of the country. Surrounded by seas and covered by mountainous terrain, this spectacular place gives you serenity and always reminds you of the simplicity of life.

To all guests and tourists, exploring Batanes requires a couple of days and divided into different tour packages namely: North Batan Tour, South Batan Tour and Sabtang Island Tour. For adventurous people, they have the option to add Itbayat Tour in their itinerary as well.

North Batan

Valugan Boulder Beach

The boulders actually came from Mt. Iraya as this volcano erupted around 400 AD. North Batan tour usually starts here where you will be greeted by a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean.

Dipnaysupuan Japanese Tunnel

Located in the hills of Tukon, this tunnel was built by the Japanese as a shelter for their soldiers. The tunnel is composed of several chambers and bunkers.

Fundacion Pacita

This stunning place is the home studio of internationally acclaimed artist Pacita Abad. This also serves as one of the accommodations in Batanes. Since its location is on top of the cliff, guests will surely get a great view of the sea, mountains and the sky.

Tukon Church

Tukon Church is project of the Abads for the nearby communities. It was inspired by Ivatan stone house and a perfect location for intimate wedding ceremonies.

Vayang Rolling Hills and Naidi Hills

Considered as one of the best spots in Basco, Vayang Rolling Hills has the view of West Philippine Sea. Rain collectors can be found in the area which serves as water source for the animals.

Basco Lighthouse

Just a few minutes from Basco town proper, you’ll be able to find the most famous landmark in Batanes. This tower stands in the middle of Naidi Hills. Bunker cafe is also located within the area which serves food on a per reservation basis.

Basco Airport

Basco Airport is the main airport in Batanes and serves daily flights from Manila, Cagayan and La Union. During the day, flight operations are all in place but during the afternoon, this facility is a perfect location for biking and running.

South Batan

Chawa View Deck

On the way to Mahatao town, you would pass by a viewdeck on a steep mountainside. It’s an ideal place for sunset watching. From the view deck, you can descend to more than a hundred steps to get to the rocky coast.

Tayid Lighthouse

One of the three functional lighthouses in Batanes, Tayid Lighthouse was built in the early 2000s and located in Mahatao.

Racuh A Payaman (Marlboro Country)

Racuh a Payaman, also known as Marlboro Country, offers a magnificent view of the mountains. It is a communal pasteurland where locals can leave their animals and let them be.

Song-song Ruins

An old settlement where you could see roofless stone houses. This village has been abandoned after it was hit by a tsunami in the 1950’s.

Imnajbu Point and Rock Formation

Imnajbu Point houses the old American naval base and currently being reconstructed to be a national museum in Batanes. Rock formations can also be seen in the area with a fantastic backdrop of the ocean.

Mahatao Idjang and Boat Shelter Port

This port servers as shelter to all boats during the inclement weather conditions. It is also the terminal for sea crafts plying the Basco-Itbayat route.

Honesty Coffee Shop

Serves as the trademark of the Ivatans, Being honest is not just within the locals but also reflects in this small established along the road of Ivana. Guests can get what they need and put the payment in the box provided. No one is manning the store so you need to log all purchases in the notebook.

Ivana Church

Just across the Honesty store, tourists can pay a visit to Ivana Church. This has been rebuilt a couple of times due to calamities experienced in the island. Last reconstruction was done in 2001.

House of Dakay

The oldest stone house in the town. This structure is owned by Luisa Estrella and was inherited by Jose Estrella, Luisa’s nephew.

White Beach

White Beach is one perfect location for family gatherings and outings. People will enjoy the pristine and clear waters in the area.

Sabtang Island

Savidug Village

This is the first village outside the poblacion in Sabtang Island. Stone houses are very abundant in the area which was built centuries of years ago. These houses were built and binded by lime and different variations based on their structure. Three types of traditional Ivatan stone houses are “Maytuab”, “Sinadumparan” and “Jinjin”.

Old Beaterio

Located beside St. Thomas Aquinas Chapel, this house serves as the old beaterio for the priests.

Chamantad Cove and Tinyan Viewpoint

If Batan island has Racu A Payaman and Vayang Rolling Hills, Sabtang has this scenic grass-laden slopes that attracts tourists to have their wonderful photoshoots. You can also wear the traditional Ivatan all-weather gears to complete the experience.

Morong Beach and Mayahaw Arc

If you’ve joined in tour group, this will be the last stop before you go back to Batan which late lunch is served as well. This place is famous for the white beach of Morong and natural rock formation called Mayahaw Arc.

Sabtang Lighthouse

Serving as the guide for all fishing vessels, Sabtang lighthouse is the most prominent structure that you will see upon reaching the port of Sabtand.

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